Monday, April 25, 2005

The Ratastrophe Catastrophe

A student just returned this book with glowing comments. He loves fantasy books and apparently this one did not disappoint him. The book is volume one of the Illmoor Chronicles by David Lee Stone. The author has changed the Pied Piper story into a funny satire. Illmoor is a continent that is home to ogres, elves, trolls, humans, and all sorts of magical creatures. Dullitch is a town with a rat problem. Diek leads the children into a series of dank caves because the piper was not paid.

You will meet some interesting characters in this book. Diek Wusapha had always been ignored until he was overcome by magic that gave him almost magnetic power over people and animals through his music. Groan and Gordo are mercenaries. Groan is an enourmous barbarian with a crocheted hat and a nipple ring. Gordo Goldeaxe is a one-eyed dwarf with a battle-axe. Tambor is an ex-sorcerer and Jimmy Quickstint wants to be a thief.

The author first got the idea for this book when he was 10-years-old. The Yowler Foul-up, the second book in the trilogy was published in 2004 in the U.K. Book three, The Shadewell Shenanigans, will be published in the U.K. in June. So far only the first is available in the U.S.


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