Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some New Books

I am just about to finish Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. The setting of this book is 6000 years ago. Torak and a young wolf-cub are the protagonists. They are trying to defeat a powerful evil in the forest. They are joined in their fight by Renn. This is the first in a series called the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. I find that I want to keep reading to find what happens next.

Last night I picked up the latest Artemis Fowl, The Opal Deception. I will try to get it read quickly so I can get it out for the students. I know there will be many wanting to read this next installment.

The newest Alex Rider (character) book by Anthony Horowitz, Scopia, gives us some twists and turns. The ending is definitely a surprise! But does it mean what it seems?


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