Monday, July 18, 2005

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

I have been reading lots of books, but have not been good about posting this month. This book is the winner of the Michael L. Prinz Award and a Newbery Honor book. The author is Gary D. Schmidt.

This book is meaningful to me at this moment as I have just returned from a trip that included a visit to Maine, and I traveled very close to this town! Turner Buckminster seems to have problems from his first moments in Phippsburg. He is the son of a minister which causes him a great deal of angst. Turner is forced to go to Mrs. Cobb's, an elderly woman, to read to her and play the organ for her. He meets and develops a friendship with Lizzie Bright Griffin, a smart and sassy girl, who is from the nearby island of Malaga that was founded by former slaves. This friendship opens up a whole new world to Turner. He and Lizzie try to save the island and its residents from a group of racist townspeople of Phippsburg who want to force them out to help the tourist trade. This leads the two kids into a series of disasters that change their lives forever!

The book is a historical novel based on the 1912 destruction of the island community of Malaga Island. The characters are full and leave the reader with humor and sadness as they are introduced to this little known incident.


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