Monday, September 05, 2005

Dead Reckoning

Laurie Lawlor has written a wonderful historical novel of the famous pirate and privateer Francis Drake. One of his most famous voyages was his trip around the world which lasted from 1577 to 1580.
One of the main characters in this novel is Emmet, the 15 year-old orphaned cousin of Drake. Emmet had been raised by a monk and was both educated and bright. Drake invites Emmet to be a page on his ship the Pelican. The trip proves to be filled with angst and learning to survive for the young boy. Drake takes his ship and crew through the dangerous Straits of Magellan and chases the Silver Ship, a Spanish ship supposedly filled with treasures and riches. Emmet never really likes the adventure nor does he become filled with greed for wealth as most of the others on board the ship.
Keep a dictionary handy because there are both Spanish words and 16th century sailor slang.


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