Sunday, September 25, 2005

Maximum Ride

I looked at this book several times before I decided to pick it up. I think you will like the sci-fi/fantasy mystery thriller. You will get to know the characters very well -- Max, Fang, Iggiy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. They are "almost" normal kids - 98% human and 2% bird; they grew up in laboratory cages. They are free now and are constantly pursued by the Erasers, wolf-like creatures who seem to always know where to find the kids.

The flock of six had avian DNA grafted into their human genes by the "whitecoats." The vicious Erasers managed to kidnap the youngest, Angel, and return her to the School for more experimentation. The others are determined to save her; 14-year-old Max is their leader. The author has used vivid descriptions to keep the reader involved in both the surroundings and the emotions of the characters.

James Patterson is the author of many adult novels; this is his first venture into writing for young adults. To read an excerpt, go to James Patterson Reading Room


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