Monday, October 31, 2005

The Empty Mirror

James Lincoln Collier authored this book as well as 50 others including My Brother Sam Is Dead.

Nick Hodges seems to always be in trouble. He is an orphan whose parents died in the flu epidemic of 1918, and he lives with his uncle in a small New England town. It is 1931. Nick and his friend Gypsy go to Briggs Pond. "Then my backbone went cold, and a chill rose up and shivered across my head. Gypsy's reflection was there, all right. But there was no reflection of me." (p. 23) As the story continues, Nick is accused of being places where he hasn't been and of causing trouble he has not caused. The acts he is accused of seem to be getting worse -- first just mischief then more violent acts. Every time one of these things happens there is a witness who swears that Nick was there.

In an effort to explain the strange happenings, Nick begins to look into some of the deaths during the flu epidemic -- he finds something strange. Is this what has taken Nick's mirror image?

The book is a good mystery and ghost story that reads very quickly.


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