Monday, December 12, 2005


In this novel Carl Hiaasen once again has readers in Florida in the Keys. (He also wrote Hoot.) As the novel opens, Noah is visiting his dad in jail on Father’s Day. Dad is there because he sunk a boat, a seventy-three footer. Now before you jump to any conclusions about the kind of character Dad is, read on. Noah’s dad thinks that Dusty Muleman, the owner of the Coral Queen, a gambling boat, is flushing raw sewage into the harbor. The problem is that he cannot prove the allegation.

The novel is about the adventures and risks Noah and his helpers go through to try to prove that Dad is right about Dusty Muleman. He is helped by Abbey, his sister, who thinks Dad is kind of crazy anyway. Two others are Lice Peeking (great name), a lazy drunk, and Lice’s girlfriend, Shelly, who is a bartender on the Coral Queen. There is also a strange “pirate” who seems to be there to rescue Noah when he is in trouble.

This book is an environmental story written in the style of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.


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