Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pond Scum

This novel by Alan Silberberg reminds me of Bug Muldoon: the Garden of Fear. Oliver is a boy who relishes tearing the wings off insects and spends most of his time watching TV because he doesn’t have many friends. When his mother gets a job as a science teacher, they have to move. The human family does not realize that there is an Alliance of pond creatures who don’t want humans to move into the dilapidated old house and will do anything to force them out. Oliver finds a shiny “gem” in the attic of the house that proves to be magical in that he is able to change into other creatures.

The crows led by General Eduardo Ignacio Santo Domingo attack the family. There is opposition to this violence from the “kids” of the pond led by Willy the dragonfly. During one of the attacks Oliver captures Mooch the salamander and Antoine, the General’s inept nephew.


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