Friday, January 13, 2006


This book by Andy McNab & Robert Rigby may be hard to follow at first. Danny Watts, an orphan, dreams of becoming a soldier, but he can’t. His grandfather, whom he has never met, is both a war hero and a traitor. Danny sets out to find Fergus Watts so he can turn him in. Someone is watching Danny, and that someone wants all of the Watts family eliminated. This book is full of authentic details from the author’s own experiences in the SAS (Special Air Service). If you are a fan of the Alex Rider series you will like this book too.

Andy McNab was the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he left the SAS (for security reasons, his face cannot be shown in full). He wrote about his experiences in the first Gulf War in two bestsellers, Bravo Two Zero and Immediate Action.

SAS is made of groups of highly trained and motivated units. These units first appeared during World War II. Their first mission was in November, 1941 and only 22 of the original 66 members survived. A second raid took place in December of 1941, and 12 men were able to destroy 24 planes and a fuel depot.


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