Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi

This novel by David Chotjewitz (translated by Doris Orgel) tells the story of Daniel growing up in Hamburg during the 1930s. He has experienced an affluent life style as he is the son of a lawyer who was also a war hero from World War I. His best friend Armin is very poor because his father is an out-of-work longshoreman and a socialist. The novel takes the reader through the emotions of this boy who wants more than anything to be a NAZI. He has one big problem, his mother is Jewish. That makes him half-human in the eyes of the NAZI government. The story jumps between the 1930’s and 1945 when Daniel is an officer in the US Army on duty in Hamburg. During the entire story, Armin and Daniel hold the life of the other in their hands.

This story will bring some ethical questions to the reader. They are not easy ones to answer. It has a different perspective than books I have read about Nazi Germany.


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