Monday, March 27, 2006

The Heart of a Chief

Joseph Bruchac is one of my favorite authors. I think it is because of my interest in the history of Native Americans. I originally became acquainted with his writings when I was preparing a unit on Native American folklore for a 7th grade language arts class.

Chris Nicola, a sixth grader, is a member of the Penacook tribe in Maine. Chris lives on the reservation. The people are divided on the issue of building a casino. Chris is involved in a school project that questions the team name, the Rangerville Chiefs. This is an issue that I personally do not understand – maybe that is because I am not Native American. My high school was known as the “Mohawks”, and I don’t think there was any disrespect intended. My college mascot was the “Highlander” – again I don’t believe there is any disrespect. I have wondered, should the “Banana Slugs” of the University of California at Santa Cruz be changed out of respect for banana slugs – just a thought.

After you finish reading the book you will understand why the author chose the title. The book is interesting and may allow you to think about your feelings on a number of topics.


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