Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Treasure of Savage Island

Historical fiction ranks among my favorite genre and this novel by Lenore Hart is “comfortable” reading. Rafe, a runaway slave, sneaks aboard a ship bound for Boston to find his freedom. A nor’easter causes the ship to run aground near one of the barrier islands – in the story it is Savage Island.

The dialogue in the novel is great and keeps the story moving. It also has pirates, buried treasure stories, and the rotten Mrs. Ben who is very cruel to both Molly and her father, Ned. Shortly after Molly’s mother had died, Ned lost the tavern in a poker game to Mr. Ben. Now the good-natured Mr. Ben has also died leaving his mean wife the new owner of the tavern.

Molly, the other main character in the book, finds Rafe while she is scavenging the wreck. He is the only survivor and claims to be a freeman because he is afraid she will turn him in. Molly is kind-hearted and wants to help Rafe but is also troubled because she is lying to her father, breaking the law, and fighting her conscience.


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