Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spirit Walker

“A cry echoed through the Forest.
He froze.
It was not the yowl of a vixen, or
a lynx seeking a mate. It was a man.
Or something that had once been a man.
With a creeping sense of dread,
Torak watched the light between the
trees begin to fail. . . .”

This is the second in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. The first was Wolf Brother.

The story is told from the points of view of a young boy, Tall Tailless (Torak), and a Wolf, his spirit brother. Torak, an orphaned boy, with the help of a wolf cub fights a demon bear who threatens to destroy their world. Because of the avalanche that comes after this fight Torak and Wolf are separated. Torak must defeat the Soul-Eaters – on this quest he meets many challenges. A strange sickness is threatening the Raven Clan and all of the other Forest people. Torak must find a cure. This leads him to the Seal Clan. On Seal Island life is very different from life in the Forest – everything works in connection with the sea. Though he is kidnapped and taken to the island, he finds a friend and kinsman in the Seal Mage, Teneris, and the boy Bale. Things are not as they seem and Torak must be careful and listen to his Forest friends, Renn and Wolf, – he learns about true friendship.

Spirit Walker is an adventure story. Torak has adventures on his journeys, he learns more about his powers, and himself. The reader also gets to see how the ancient people wasted nothing and respected the land and all of its inhabitants.


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