Monday, April 03, 2006

The Warriors

This is another contemporary fiction work by Bruchac that incorporates Native American culture. The main character, Jake Forest, loves to play lacrosse for the Junior Warriors a team from the Iroqouis reservation. His mother has been living away from him as she worked to become a lawyer, and now she wants him to come to live with her in Maryland. He will go to a private school. His mom didn’t realize that this school has a tradition of having great lacrosse teams; they are obsessed with the sport. The reader sees things through Jake’s eyes. Coach Scott tells stories about history and Native Americans that make Jake very uncomfortable, but he sees that some of his friends are bothered by comments about the terrorists from the Middle East since that is their heritage. Something happens to Coach Scott that causes Jake to see the coach in a different way, and he learns that “things could change so quickly.”

This is a very readable book.

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