Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blackthorn Winter

Kathryn Reiss is known for her storytelling in the realms of mystery and time travel and this novel is a great murder mystery. Juliana Martin-Drake, an adopted child has been drug to England by her artist mom who wants to find herself. Juliana misses her California home and her dad.

Juliana doesn’t remember anything before she was 5 when she was found wandering on a beach in California and then adopted. This seems to bother her more now that she is England.

A friend of her mother and a neighbor, Liza, is murdered. Juliana feels compelled to investigate the murder because she thinks the police have arrested the wrong person. She receives mysterious warnings to back off. While she is investigating, she begins to remember pieces of her past. Juliana suspects everyone and anyone of being guilty of the murder – she even suspects a boy who she really likes.

I haven’t read many mysteries recently and this one was a great “page-turner.”


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