Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Search and Destroy

I picked up this book because it is by Dean Hughes who also wrote Soldier Boy. In this novel, Rick Ward, the main character, wants to go to war. His father is violent and the girl he thinks he loves wants to move on with her life and that does not include Rick. He found training to be brutal both physically and emotionally.

Rick is looking to feel something new and he hopes that war will bring that feeling. He learned the skill of killing, but he really didn’t know why. When he gets to Nam (Vietnam) he chooses to become part of the Charlie Company Rangers – the purpose was to hunt down the enemy and kill him.

The book brings back lots of memories for me, as the main character and I are about the same age. I think this book may help those who did not live through this period of American history see some of the horrors and feelings that were experienced by those of us who did live at that time. The “war” in Vietnam shaped all of us who were in our teens and twenties – whether we served in the military or not. The reader will get the feel for the anti-war sentiment that was very much part of the emotions. The author’s use of the language of the time (lingo) is well done. I think if you liked Soldier Boys, you will also enjoy this novel.


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