Monday, June 26, 2006

Code Orange

A few years ago, Caroline Cooney’s Face on the Milkcarton series was very popular. This new novel is just as thrilling as those. Mitty Blake doesn’t worry about getting homework done, but he does really like Olivia who is most concerned about being a student. To stay in advanced biology he must complete a report. Mitty thinks it is great luck when finds some smallpox scabs from a long time ago in an envelope in an old medical book. As he continues to research, he worries that he may unleash a new smallpox epidemic on the world. His concern leads him to seek help from “people” on the Internet. Maybe this is not such a good idea; he is kidnapped by terrorists who want to use the variola virus as a weapon.

This is a very good mystery and adventure story.

Read an excerpt.


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