Friday, June 09, 2006


Where do dreams come from? What stealthy nighttime messengers are the guardians of our most deeply hidden hopes and our half-forgotten fears? Lois Lowry answers these questions in this new novel. I think that Lowry’s imagination provides her readers with new worlds to visit.

Reading this book made me want to have more. The Giver also gave me this feeling when I read it. In this book, tiny, delicate beings bring good dreams to people by gathering fragments from the people’s lives. These dreams restore people and give them strength to deal with life. The fragments are of love, courage, happiness, and more. Littlest One and Thin Elderly are working in a home where there is a lonely woman and a foster child who has been abused. They bestow the fragments on the sleeping people to help them and to counter the Sinisteeds who inflict nightmares.

Lowry shows us the importance of memories and dreams even if some are sad.


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