Monday, September 11, 2006

Defining Dulcie

This is a first novel by Paul Acampora; he says “I wanted to tell a story about the power of friends, the meanings of words, and the push and pull of home.”

Dulcie Jones has lost her father to an accident at his work; he was a school janitor. Then her mother decides that she and Dulcie need to redefine themselves and move to California from the small Connecticut town they have always lived in. Dulcie is not happy in California, and when her mother decides she is going to sell Dad’s old pick-up truck to buy a Volvo she snaps. Dulcie steals the truck and heads back across the country to her home.

This is an adventure as she takes her road trip. She makes some detours like going to see the fainting goats. From every stop she finds a postcard and sends it to her mother. When she finally gets back to Connecticut she goes to work for her grandfather as a janitor at John Jacob Jerome High School. It is here that she meets Roxanne who is also working as a janitor at the school.

I think this book opens up the idea that it is important to do a job well and to learn to understand people. It also shows the readers that it is important for people to grieve in their own way. I really liked the characters in this book.


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