Monday, September 11, 2006


Elsewhere is the place people go when they die. Fifteen year-old Liz Hall was hit by a taxi while she was riding her bike, and now she is at Elsewhere with Betty, her grandmother who died before she was born. Like the novel Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix, those residing at Elsewhere grow younger each year rather than older. The author, Gabrielle Zevin, has added the unique twist of people who are able to understand “canine” and talk with dogs.

Liz has a difficult time adjusting to “life” at Elsewhere because she wants to go back to Earth, Following Liz as she tries to acclimate to her new life has some humorous and emotional moments. Liz is able to see her prom from an Observation Deck that allows one to view Earth and she also find the cab driver who hit her and didn’t even stop. A humorous section is Liz explaining to Josey, a dog, why she shouldn’t drink from the toilet.


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