Thursday, October 26, 2006

Crooked River

When I am looking to read a book that I am sure to find enjoyable, I always turn to historical fiction. Crooked River by Shelley Pearsall is one of those books that I find to be wonderful.

The year is 1812, Rebecca Carver and her sister Laura are responsible for all the “womanly” chores in their home since the death of their mother three years earlier. As you read you will see that the people who lived on the frontier were often ignorant of different cultures (i.e. Native American-Ojibwe) and fearful, but they were also very brave to survive on the frontier.

It is interesting the way that Amik’s(the Ojibwe prisoner) comments are written in verse format. He is accused of murder and most of the settlers assume his guilt without question. Rebecca and Laura see another side and get to know Amik by sharing gifts, not words.

This novel reminds us of the injustices that were visited on Native Americans. It is good in our current climate to be aware that more than once in American history groups have been subjected to discrimination. I am not sure that it is impossible for the same thing to happen again.


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