Monday, October 09, 2006

Here Lies the Librarian

I suppose it is obvious what would draw me to read this latest book by Richard Peck – and no, it isn’t only that I am a fan of the author.

Some have suggested that Richard Peck has carved out a mini-genre for himself, rural Midwestern early 20th century comedy. Maybe that is what I enjoy about these novels – not that I was part of the early 20th century, but that I find a familiarity in many of his characters and his humor.

After a tornado swept through the area, Peewee and Jake found some bodies from the Beulahland cemetery had been unearthed. Peewee, Eleanor, went to check on Mama’s grave. After finding everything okay, she turned to see Electra Dietz’s headstone

After Years of Service,
Tried And True,
Heaven Stamped Her—

This is just the beginning of a rousing tale which takes all kinds of twists and turn for the characters which include three wealthy Library Science coeds from Butler University who bring the library back to the township and change to the lives of Jake and Eleanor McGrath (brother and sister). There is also the Colonel who thinks he is still fighting in the Civil War and Aunt Hat who is eccentric to say the least. Jake and Peewee scrape out a living in rural Indiana by repairing motorcars, which are still considered “newfangled”.


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