Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Wright 3

I picked up the first novel, Chasing Vermeer, because one of my daughters is a graduate of the University of Chicago. I thought the book was a wonderful mystery, and I had a personal connection with the setting. When I saw this second book, I was drawn to it because of the location and because of my interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture. That interest began a number of years ago when the seventh grade class took their first field trip to Springfield and we decided to visit the Dana-Thomas House – another Frank Lloyd Wright creation.

This novel has clues in pictures, codes, and art crimes similar to Chasing Vermeer. I really think I liked it just as well as the first book and maybe more. The premise of this novel is that the Robie House (a Wright construction from1910) is to be dismantled and given to four museums because it is in such great need of repair. Petra, Calder, and Tommy all work to try to save the house. The author shows the reader some of the rivalries that exist among friends.

Remember that this is a novel and not true. Currently the Robie House is being restored to its original splendor. You can visit this house and take a tour. It is located 5757 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago. For more information on tours of this home, visit the website.

For more information on Frank Lloyd Wright, visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust


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