Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alabama Moon

Moon Blake knows how to survive in the woods with very little other than what nature provides – he can hunt, find edible plants, make a shelter, find medicine, and make his own clothes from animal hides.

Moon’s father dies from an infection, and Moon is now an orphan. His father always told him to go to Alaska where there are many other people like them who don’t like the government. Instead he is taken to a juvenile detention center by a dishonest cop. During Moon’s brief stay he makes friends by physically and emotionally overpowering a bully. He also enjoys food in quantities he has never enjoyed. Moon successfully escapes from the detention center and takes all of the boys with him. Only he and two others stay on the run. Moon teaches them how to survive in the wilderness and he learns from those he meets that surviving in the world most of us live in is not easy, but it is possible.

Read an excerpt of this book by Watt Key from the Borders website.


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