Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Lighthouse Land

This novel is Adrian McKinty’s first written specifically for young people – it is the first in a planned trilogy.

If I were to give you my reaction to this novel, it would be that I thought of Madeline L’Engle as I was reading.

Thirteen-year-old Jamie O’Neill and his mother Anna find that they have inherited a lighthouse and the house that goes with it on an island and that Jamie will become the Laird of Muck when he turns eighteen. Life has not been easy for Jamie, his parents are recently divorced and he has lost an arm to cancer. For a reason known only to him, he has chosen to not speak. After arriving in Ireland, he and a boy from the village, Ramsay, become good friends. They communicate with a computer that was given to him by an elderly friend in Harlem as a going away present.

As they explore in the old lighthouse, they find a “Salmon” with a glowing jewel in its side. This tool transports them to another planet where they become involved in helping save one of the cultures. Apparently Jamie is not the first O’Neill to make this trip – the last one was made in 1607.

I found this book to be very readable and it seemed to combine the elements of fantasy and reality quite well.


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