Monday, January 01, 2007

Crispin at the Edge of the World

If you have read Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi, you have met a young orphan boy who was marked for death because of an unknown crime. The first book was a wonderfully exciting adventure novel, and this second one has proved to be just as exciting. I think that I have enjoyed this second novel even more than I did the first one!

It is still 1377, the same year as the end of the first book, and Crispin and Bear leave Great Wexly behind as they embark on more adventures. They meet a member of the Brotherhood, a group Bear used to belong to, and he insists Bear is a traitor to their cause. (You can read more about John Ball.) As they are running, they are forced to seek refuge when Bear is injured. In the woods they meet Aude, a healer woman, and Toth, a young girl who is disfigured by a cleft palate and therefore shunned by many in the medieval world. Crispin is put off by the pagan beliefs of these two strangers, but soon sees that they are kind and only want to help. Aude is brutally murdered by some villages who had asked for her help as a midwife; so Bear, Crispin, and Toth become a family.

This family continues their adventures as they sail to a new land. The adventures continue as they are shipwrecked and meet up with more villans.


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