Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen: a novel by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is set on a Wisconsin dairy farm. The protagonist is D.J. (Dorrie) Schwenck whose father and two older brothers were football stars in the small town of Red Bend. Dad really didn’t want to be a farmer, but life doesn’t always end up the way we plan. D.J. has had to take over much of the responsibilities of the farm since Dad was injured. Her younger brother, Curtis, doesn’t talk much, but he is a good baseball player and very big for his age. This family is not a lot unlike many farm families I knew as a teenager in Central Illinois – little to talk about, but very hard workers.

Jimmy Ott, the football coach from a nearby town and friend of Mr. Schwenk, has sent a quarterback to the farm to help them and learn about football and training from D.J. This may seem strange, but you will find that it works both for Brian, the QB, and for D.J. Both gain from the experience. D.J. learns to talk and Brian gets a great trainer for the summer.

D.J. loves sports and in the past has been a basketball player. Her time training Brian peaks her interest in football, so she decides to try out for the football team. There is a slight problem in that D.J. flunked English last year because she didn’t turn in the work. I like the ending of the book and would be interested in your opinions too.


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