Friday, February 09, 2007

Black Duck

Janet Lisle has written this historical fiction novel about the smuggling and black market during prohibition.

“A rumrunner had lived in town, one of the notorious outlaws who smuggled liquor during the days of Prohibition, that was the rumor. David Peterson heard he might still be around.” David wants to be a journalist so he is following this lead. His desire leads him to meet Reuben Hart and learn the story of the Black Duck.

In 1929, Reuben and his friend Jeddy found a body washed up on Coulter’s Beach. Somehow this man had been involved with the mobs and smuggling liquor. Reuben takes something from the body and puts himself in grave danger. The story unfolds as David interviews the old man, Reuben Hart. The reader learns about the era of Prohibition and some of the social issues that surrounded it and the Depression of the same time. The Black Duck is a legend. The story alternates between the present and the past.

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i love the book black duck! i wish i could just climb inside!


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