Friday, February 09, 2007

Blood on the River: James Town 1607

Travel with Samuel Collier on the Susan Constant with Captain John Smith. Like many who came to the “new land,” Samuel was in trouble with the law. Coming to Virginia was an option many considered only slightly better than going to the gallows.

Samuel discovers that the New World was not overflowing with gold and riches. The people who already lived there were not always friendly. There was much work to be done, but many of the “gentlemen” who came to Jamestown were not interested in working. Samuel learns the Algonquin language which helps him survive and be a valuable asset to the settlement.

The reader is also introduced to Captain Smith and the captains of the three ships that sailed to the New World for the Virginia Company.

This book is based on historical facts and presents a very readable history of what being at Jamestown in 1607 was like.


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